We’ve all taken part in boring, awkward team bonding exercises. You may have even been to a full blown retreat with trust falls and sack races. This is not that.

Effective teams are built on trust and held together by consistency, accountability and communication.

I will work with you and your executive team to create an ecosystem where everyone works together on a common goal without politics and emotions impacting behavior.

Companies are made of people. When the people are not at 100%, the company will not be at 100%.

You’ve invested tons of time, energy and money into your business running smoothly on an operations side, but this is only as good as the people involved. Operations is only half of the equation and yet, most leaders put 100% of their time and energy into tweaking this side of things.

Executive Team Coaching Program

Build a cohesive leadership team

  • Unite towards a common goal.
  • Adopt radical transparency.
  • Navigate constructive conflict.
  • Hold each other accountable.
  • Create results-based milestones.

Establish Clarity

  • Everyone abides by the same set of values.
  • Each person has a clear plan for success.
  • There is a consistent method for evaluating decisions.
  • Achieve alignment across all areas of the company.
  • Create a clear, simple culture code that everyone can rally around.

Master Communication

  • Establish clear communication pathways that eliminate confusion and misinterpretation.
  • Develop cultural values, so that leadership communicates a consistent message.
  • Master the art and skill of conflict resolution.

Master Culture

  • Establish simple, practical, processes for recruiting, hiring, training, and managing performance around the organization’s most important priorities.
  • Create an organizational structure that ties operations, culture and management together organically rather than by force.
  • Eliminate silos in the company so that everyone is working from a common place towards a common direction.